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Sustainable Brands That Prosper

New is exciting, old is boring. How can brands who want to stay current, fresh, and exciting do so without sacrificing their brand equity, built up through of audience familiarity and heritage?

Boredom can cause some brash decision-making when it comes to a company or organization’s branding. Dangerous things can happen when the disruption approach takes precedence over the equity approach. Take the Gap, or Tropicana, or more recently Ebay: looking at the results of their rebranding projects, they could probably have done more to avoid alienating their audiences with a total overhaul.

A complete rebrand is not usually necessary, as much as we can think it is (in terms of a completely new visual identity system). A successful brand renovation can often be achieved with some minor yet important changes, and can yield excellent results.

To really get your people behind your new brand, you need to remember they will have to: (1) say goodbye to something (the old brand); (2) go through a period where they are unsure of what exactly is changing and what isn’t; and (3) understand and embrace the new beginning.

Source: SustainableBrands.com

The challenge is knowing which details will produce the desired effect. To get the desired result, everyone involved must be clear about what that is. This becomes the lens through which all decisions and changes are held up to.

Getting to these end results might look like making towers out of trifles, and perhaps they are. But the strongest brands in the world have gotten to where they are because of a relentless drive for making things better than they were yesterday.

“Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.”


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