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About S33 Creative
S33 Creative (S33) is an independent Canadian design consultancy, providing brand strategy, custom responsive web development, and top-quality graphic design, founded in 2013.


What does “S33” mean? 
S33 is simply another way of spelling the word “See”.

There is more than one way of looking at any given subject, and sometimes just taking a different point of view leads to a better solution than you would have believed possible before.

Embedded into our unique set of experience, knowledge, and capabilities are a perspective that no one else has. In being intentional to understand and then explore possibilities, the end result of what we create has a greater sense of place and yields a much greater impact.



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Sustainable Brands That Prosper

New is exciting, old is boring. How can brands who want to stay current, fresh, and exciting do so without sacrificing their brand equity, built up through of audience familiarity and heritage? Boredom can cause some brash decision-making when it comes to a company or organization’s branding. Dangerous things can happen when the disruption approach […]


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