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(Un)Responsive Websites and SEO

These days everyone is familiar with the term Responsive Web Design (RWD). I mean, people have been talking about it for over 5 years now. So why would I waste time writing another article about it? And why should anyone else care? Great questions. My question back is: why are there still so many sites […]

Better perspective equals better investment

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately: When dealing with finite amounts of time and resources, it’s vital to ensure that I take the time to get a big picture perspective before rolling up the sleeves and delving into grindstone type work. This is because I can so easily grind away a chunk of […]

Designing Great Brands

Mark McNeilly of FastCo discusses brand design in this article: We all know great design has a critical role to play in building a great brand. But how do we go about making that happen? Through these conversations, it became clear that the link between design and branding is important, and that having a top […]

Sustainable Brands That Prosper

New is exciting, old is boring. How can brands who want to stay current, fresh, and exciting do so without sacrificing their brand equity, built up through of audience familiarity and heritage? Boredom can cause some brash decision-making when it comes to a company or organization’s branding. Dangerous things can happen when the disruption approach […]