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About S33 Creative
S33 Creative (S33) is an independent design studio located in West Kelowna, BC, specializing in identity development, graphic design and web design.

S33 Creative was founded in 2013 by Owen Goward, a design professional with over 10 years experience in web design, brand design and graphic design. Recent project experience includes work for Disney Interactive Worlds, Kelowna General Hospital Foundation as part of the ROX Jones design team. If you’d like a full client list, or have a question about a new project, please send a request.

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What does the name “S33″ mean? 

S33 is an encoded version of the word “SEE”. (E.g. I once was lost, but now I S33)? I know. Brilliant right? Basically, I value the idea of looking at things from different perspectives in order to deepen understanding and potentially unearth innovative solutions we hadn’t thought of before.



S33 Creative

Graphic Design & Web Development Services

s33-media-ecosystemThe above diagram is just one example of a small branded set of materials, aka a brand ecosystem.

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The S33


Better perspective equals better investment

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately: When dealing with finite amounts of time and resources, it’s vital to ensure that I take the time to get a big picture perspective before rolling up the sleeves and delving into grindstone type work. This is because I can so easily grind away a chunk of […]

FreshGrade: Website Update Live

Note: Click images and view slides fullsize for best viewing. This week S33 helped with the launch of a new website for FreshGrade, an Okanagan software company focused on developing Learning and Student Assessment tools for teachers. Freshgrade is made up of a talented roster of creatives, technologists, and innovative leaders, who are working on […]

Designing Great Brands

Mark McNeilly of FastCo discusses brand design in this article: We all know great design has a critical role to play in building a great brand. But how do we go about making that happen? Through these conversations, it became clear that the link between design and branding is important, and that having a top […]

It’s Breathing. And Awake.

The S33 Site is here, I’m happy to announce. I’ve been looking forward to this, it’s the result of a long process I’ve been going through towards actually being a creatively oriented business owner. Here’s a bit of info about what S33 is, and why: S33 Creative (S33) is essentially taking over for my previous […]

Sustainable Brands That Prosper

New is exciting, old is boring. How can brands who want to stay current, fresh, and exciting do so without sacrificing their brand equity, built up through of audience familiarity and heritage? Boredom can cause some brash decision-making when it comes to a company or organization’s branding. Dangerous things can happen when the disruption approach […]


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